IsoBoost System & IsoGen System

Save Energy and Decrease Maintenance with IsoBoost

IsoBoost Energy Recovery for Natural Gas Processing

IsoBoost is a hydraulic system that recovers pressure energy and increases the reliability of pumping systems. In ammonia production, IsoBoost is used in CO2 removal, while in gas processing, the system is used in acid gas and CO2 removal. It helps plants save energy, reduce maintenance, and run more profitably. The core of IsoBoost is a proprietary liquid-to-liquid turbocharger.

With three times the reliability of a traditional pump, the turbocharger recovers energy from the letdown of a high-pressure fluid and transfers it to a low-pressure fluid to reduce the energy required for pumping. By replacing a pump and motor system with the simple and efficient IsoBoost, plants can expect millions of dollars in energy savings and a big drop in maintenance over the life of a plant. With IsoBoost, plants save up to 50% of electric power costs.

IsoBoost Benefits Include Energy Savings and Cost Reductions

Saves energy

Reduces plant operating costs

Improves reliability, availability, maintainability

Reduces carbon footprint and emissions

Estimated IsoBoost maintenance and energy savings

IsoBoost Solution – Gas Processing and Ammonia

By recovering pressure energy in the acid gas removal, or gas sweetening process, IsoBoost helps midstream gas processors save energy and decrease maintenance. In addition to saving millions of dollars in energy cost, the IsoBoost system dramatically reduces maintenance, making plants more reliable.

Amine units are widely used to remove acid gases, H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) from raw natural gas by pumping lean amine into a highly pressurized contact vessel where the amine reacts with the incoming gas stream and absorbs the H2S and CO2. The amine, rich in C02 / H2S, exits the contactor and the pressure is reduced via a letdown valve to flash tank pressure. The large pressure differentials in CO2/acid gas removal present a unique opportunity to recover energy and produce substantial amounts of power.

IsoBoost hydraulic energy recovery system

How IsoBoost Works for Acid Gas Removal

During the CO2/acid gas removal process, highly pressurized rich solvent from the contactor, or absorber, is directed into the turbine side of the turbocharger. Here, pressure that would normally be wasted is captured and converted into hydraulic energy. After depressurization, the rich solvent leaves the turbine and flows to the regenerator circuit. Lean solvent is directed into the IsoBoost system, where it enters the pump side of the turbocharger and is boosted to high pressure. The pressurized lean amine from the IsoBoost system is then routed directly to the contactor tower.

IsoBoost core liquid-to-liquid turbocharger

Reduce Grid Reliance with the IsoGen™ System

The IsoGen system is a highly compact turbo-generator, combining a high-efficiency turbine with an electric generator in one package. In pipelines carrying crude oil and natural gas liquids, IsoGen can be used for recovering energy from pressure letdowns after vertical drops. In addition, pipeline operators can now use the IsoGen system to generate their own reliable on-site power, providing more flexibility than traditional grid power alone.

IsoGen Benefits

  • Converts pressure energy into electricity
  • Saves energy, reduces plant operating costs
  • Minimal installation time
  • Compact footprint