A Clear Solution for Hydraulic Fracturing

Built on our proven pressure exchanger technology platform, the in-development VorTeq is designed to reduce equipment failure common during well completion operations. By rerouting the abrasive proppants that can cause pump failure, we ensure that high pressure pumps handle only water and can indirectly reduce environmental impact. The results are clear:

Lower pump redundancy

Increased pump uptime

Reduced site footprint

Currently in the late-stage R&D phase, VorTeq is undergoing continuous testing at our Commercial Development Center in Katy, Texas.

How VorTeq Works

The advanced pressure exchanger technology at the heart of the VorTeq works as a pump. Frac fluid is pressurized in the VorTeq manifold before being sent downhole. This process ensures that high-pressure pumps handle water, not abrasive proppants, which protects pumps from erosion and reduces operational downtime. This allows site operators to recover and reallocate critical resources—such as funds once wasted on repairing pumps—to higher-value activities. What’s more, VorTeq is designed to work with frac operations like traditional manifold trailers. By minimizing pump redundancy and increasing equipment lifespan, the VorTeq can lower costs and reduce the resources required for oil & gas well completion operations. This in turn can indirectly lower emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting spare parts. Increasing equipment lifespan can also help to promote safety on a job site by reducing the exposure of repair personnel.

Tungsten Tough

The pressure exchanger at the heart of VorTeq is made from tungsten carbide, a ceramic-like material 1,000 times more abrasion-resistant than steel*. Tungsten carbide pressure exchangers are designed to endure extraordinarily high pressures and flows, extreme temperatures and harsh proppants. We machine the pressure exchangers in-house, drawing on our precision manufacturing expertise developed in our Water business.

*Energy Recovery estimates

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