PX G1300 Pressure Exchanger for CO2 Refrigeration

Increase Design Temperature

Safeguard refrigeration against rising temperatures and reduce energy costs

energy efficiency for sustainable CO2 refrigeration systems

The PX G1300 energy recovery device provides a solution to a pressing challenge facing retailers and grocers. Refrigeration systems are highly vulnerable to overwork and fail during extreme heat.

CO2 refrigeration users can now upgrade their systems with the PX G1300 to push the design temperature, providing a potential safeguard against increasingly rising temperatures and ensuring that food stays cool and retail operations can continue without interruptions. 

Energy Efficient

Minimizes utility costs by increasing energy efficiency

Reduces Costs

Lowered operating expenses combined with lowered capital expenses means a quick return on your investment


Durable, simple design with little to no scheduled maintenance in both hot and cold temperatures


Utilizes leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology trusted globally in desalination

How PX G1300 Increases Design Temperature

The PX G1300 increases cooling capacity and reduces energy consumption of CO2 refrigeration systems. For instance, when installed in an average US supermarket’s existing system, the PX G1300 can allow for an increase of up to 11°F (6°C) degrees above the maximum design temperature*. Simply put, with the PX G1300, 111°F (44°C) will feel like 100°F (38°C) to your CO2 refrigeration system.

Other solutions to increase system capacity, such as purchasing additional compressors, are often only used a few days a year during high heat events. The PX G1300 works year-round to maximize energy efficiency by capturing and recirculating pressure energy within the system, reducing energy consumption and emissions and lowering your operating costs year round. These benefits actually increase at higher temperatures: on high heat days (104°F/40°C), the PX G1300 has been shown to reduce energy consumption by an average of 28.5%*

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*Estimated increase in design temperature assumes comparison to a CO2 system with high pressure value with a 120 KW MT, 30 KW LT system and 100° F / 37.7°C gas cooler exit temperature.  Results may vary from site to site, as design maximum is site-dependent.

*Based on Energy Recovery laboratory and modeling results.