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energy recovery devices (ERDs), reducing the energy needs, costs, and emissions associated with reverse osmosis desalination.

Energy Recovery has spent decades perfecting devices that capture and recycle otherwise wasted pressure energy. We have a suite of energy recovery devices (ERDs) that can operate at different pressures, dramatically reducing the energy needs, costs, and emissions associated with reverse osmosis desalination.

Our industry-leading energy recovery solutions include the PX® Pressure Exchanger®, Ultra PX™, and Turbocharger. Combined with our family of pumps, our solutions are trusted around the world by plants of all sizes to meet their specific energy recovery needs.

PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration – End User

Good for the environment and the electric bill, Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 (PX G) can ensure a financially attractive next generation CO2 refrigeration system, helping supermarkets meet the future of refrigeration head on.

PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration

Energy Recovery’s PX G1300™ is designed to make the transition to CO2 refrigeration an easy choice.

A new application of the already-proven pressure exchanger technology used in water desalination for almost 30 years, the PX G is an energy recovery device specially designed to help reduce energy consumption and emissions for CO2 refrigeration systems, enhancing their environmental sustainability.

PX Powertrain

The PX PowerTrain™ line of pre-engineered energy recovery
solutions combine Energy Recovery’s award-winning PX® Pressure
Exchanger® (PX) devices with frame support and ancillary equipment
into a compact, ready to install high-performance energy recovery
device (ERD) array package for your seawater reverse osmosis
(SWRO) train. Designed by Energy Recovery’s technical experts,
the PX PowerTrain combines optimized flow paths with our core PX
technology to streamline ERD array installation while maintaining
industry-leading quality standards.

PX Q Series

For over 20 years we’ve enhanced our PX technology to meet rapidly evolving customer needs. We’re taking the next step with an expanded PX Q Series, which delivers minimal noise levels alongside the best-in-class performance and efficiency that customers can expect from our flagship PX product line. The Q220, Q180 and Q140 models join the Q300 and Q260 to serve a broader range of plant sizes. With operational sound levels below 79 decibels, the PX Q Series improves the auditory environment while also delivering industry leading uptime and energy savings. Download the one-sheet for more details.

PX Prime Brief

This one-page brief provides an overview of the PX Prime, the best energy recovery solution for desalination, now available risk-free.

IsoBoost Brochure

Download our IsoBoost brochure, covering the features and benefits of our hydraulic pumping system. IsoBoost saves energy and improves reliability in both CO2 removal in ammonia production and acid gas removal in gas processing.