CO2 Systems

European Supermarket Future-Proofs Refrigeration System, Reduces Costs Using PX G1300™ Energy Recovery Device

In collaboration with Epta, a refrigeration rack manufacturer in Europe, the supermarket chain became the first in Europe to incorporate a PX G1300 energy recovery device into its CO2 refrigeration system.

With a simple design that needs virtually no maintenance, the PX G1300 lowers the energy use of a CO2 system by recycling pressure energy, allowing the system to run more efficiently. Choosing a PX G1300-enabled CO2 system comes at no additional cost to a supermarket, as it offsets the need for other components.

Once the PX G1300 was installed, the supermarket saw efficiency improvements over 30% at temperatures above 40°C (104°F), compared to a standard CO2 booster system.

PX G1300 Integrated System Reference Designs

Energy Recovery’s PX G1300TM offers the best value and energy savings when integrated into new CO2 Refrigeration or Heat Pump Systems. To maximize the results, download our recommended system integration designs here and contact technical sales at

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PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration – End User

Good for the environment and the electric bill, Energy Recovery’s PX G1300 (PX G) can ensure a financially attractive next generation CO2 refrigeration system, helping supermarkets meet the future of refrigeration head on.

PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration

Energy Recovery’s PX G1300™ is designed to make the transition to CO2 refrigeration an easy choice.

A new application of the already-proven pressure exchanger technology used in water desalination for almost 30 years, the PX G is an energy recovery device specially designed to help reduce energy consumption and emissions for CO2 refrigeration systems, enhancing their environmental sustainability.