CO2 Refrigeration

PX G1300™ for CO2 Refrigeration

The PX G1300 utilizes proven pressure exchanger technology to improve CO2 system performance by reducing energy costs, increasing cooling capacity, and increasing energy efficiency at high ambient temperatures. By boosting energy efficiency, new system designs may also reduce or eliminate some components, offsetting capital expenses.

Based on laboratory and real-life results, the PX G1300 device can increase the energy efficiency of CO2-based commercial refrigeration systems by more than 25% at 35-40°C (95- 104°F) and more than 30% above 40°C (104°F), compared to a standard CO2 system with no energy recovery devices.

It’s simple design and precision manufacturing ensure that the PX G1300 is highly reliable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing and new high-pressure CO2 systems.

PX G1300™ Reduces Peak Power Consumption 30% Over Adiabatic Cooler

CO2 refrigeration energy recovery case study

Energy Recovery’s PX G1300™ pressure exchanger was installed at a Vallarta Supermarkets location in November 2022 to recover and recycle high-pressure energy within an existing CO2 system.

• Reduced peak power consumption approximately 30%*
• Cut average energy consumption approximately 14%*
• Installed and commissioned with no impact on regular store operations
• Second PX G1300 installation with Vallarta announced August 2023

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*Based on actual results collected between July 12-22, 2023. 30% reduction driven by eliminating intermittent onset of third compressor

European Supermarket Future-Proofs Refrigeration System, Reduces Costs Using PX G1300™ Energy Recovery Device

Epta PX G1300 Refrigeration Case Study

In collaboration with Epta, a refrigeration rack manufacturer in Europe, the supermarket chain became the first in Europe to incorporate a PX G1300 energy recovery device into its CO2 refrigeration system.

With a simple design that needs virtually no maintenance, the PX G1300 lowers the energy use of a CO2 system by recycling pressure energy, allowing the system to run more efficiently. Choosing a PX G1300-enabled CO2 system comes at no additional cost to a supermarket, as it offsets the need for other components.

Once the PX G1300 was installed, the supermarket saw efficiency improvements over 30% at temperatures above 40°C (104°F), compared to a standard CO2 booster system.