A Streamlined Process: Full-Service Energy Recovery and Pumping Solutions at an Advanced Textile Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Case Study around Energy Recovery Devices in Wastewater Treatment

The Pali Common Effluent Treatment Plant in Pali, Rajasthan, India supports 215 factories located in the surrounding Punayata Industrial Area. All the equipment in the plant is supplied by Aldee Water Pvt. Ltd. Advanced reverse osmosis water treatment was adopted to significantly reduce the stream volume being sent to the thermal system, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX of the thermal system. With added nanofiltration processes in place to separate salt, the high purity salt could then be recycled and sold.

To achieve more efficiency and cost savings, Detox Group and Pali CETP partnered with Energy Recovery, Inc. to install a suite of energy recovery devices, including both turbochargers and pressure exchangers, bringing higher uptime and availability to the whole system.

First Ultra PX for Wastewater Treatment Yields Savings with High Performance

Sinochem Case study cover

This recent case study, which focuses on the first site to commission an Ultra PX in early 2022—a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) plant in China—shows a significant reduction in both energy consumption and costs using the PX Pressure Exchanger for the second reverse osmosis stage and the Ultra PX for the ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis stage to capture energy otherwise wasted in the wastewater treatment process.

PX Q400

Our most efficient, highest-capacity PX for seawater reverse osmosis desalination facilities.

Building upon Energy Recovery’s track record of best-in-class performance, the PX Q400 is the next evolution of our industry leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology. Delivering energy and cost savings, the PX Q400 offers the lowest projected life cycle cost of any energy recovery device (ERD) for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination, thanks to high performance and lower maintenance. The PX Q400 further innovates and improves upon what came before—enhancing efficiency, capacity, reliability, and value to ensure it remains the most trusted ERD in desalination.

Water Products Catalog

energy recovery devices (ERDs), reducing the energy needs, costs, and emissions associated with reverse osmosis desalination.

Energy Recovery has spent decades perfecting devices that capture and recycle otherwise wasted pressure energy. We have a suite of energy recovery devices (ERDs) that can operate at different pressures, dramatically reducing the energy needs, costs, and emissions associated with reverse osmosis desalination.

Our industry-leading energy recovery solutions include the PX® Pressure Exchanger®, Ultra PX™, and Turbocharger. Combined with our family of pumps, our solutions are trusted around the world by plants of all sizes to meet their specific energy recovery needs.