When pressure energy becomes a reliable energy resource featuring the IsoBoost technology

Today, energy costs represent one half of the total cost of oil & gas processing. By harnessing the wasted energy in your high-pressure environment, we can help you slash that cost by 25%, while significantly lowering your carbon footprint. And we have proof. Read all about it in this free white paper available for download now.

Six years ago, we installed our energy-saving IsoBoost Technology at the 50 million cubic-foot-a-day Jackalope Amine Gas Processing Plant in Hebronville, Texas. Since then, our solution has:

  • Ran for six straight years, requiring virtually no maintenance
  • Reduced emissions at the plant a total of 14.4 million pounds of CO₂
  • Saved the small plant $155,000/year, or close to a $1 million in power savings.

Don’t waste another year’s worth of profits. Discover how Energy Recovery can help you today!