Vorteq Augmented Reality Tour

VorTeq™ is a revolution in hydraulic fracturing that increases the lifespan of components by re-routing abrasive fluids away from high-pressure pumps.

Download Trackable Image

Print and scan this image using the VorTeq mobile app for a 3D tour of the system.

Download the App

Download the VorTeq App on iTunes

Download our mobile app, and give yourself a 3D tour of the system from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Get the “Trackable”

A “trackable” image allows you to activate the 3D augmented reality tour of the VorTeq hydraulic pumping system. You can also download the trackable below, or scan the back of the VorTeq brochure.

Step 2: Download the VorTeq Mobile App

The VorTeq App is available for Apple devices.

Download App at iTunes

Step 3: Scan “Trackable” and Bring VorTeq to Life

Point your camera at the “trackable” image. Your camera will scan the trackable, and you will see a 3D version of VorTeq. You can turn, rotate and zoom in to see the details of the system, and tap on touch points to see how it works.

If you don’t have a trackable image in front of you, you can still give yourself a tour of the VorTeq through the virtual reality, or VR, mode.

Step 4: Get More Information

To read more details on VorTeq, remember to tap the icon in the bottom right corner. You will be able to enter your contact information, and we will send you additional details about the system.

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