Energy Recovery Inc. Announces Expanded U Series Product Line


New models include the U20, U80, and U250 for enhanced efficiency and reliability in industrial applications

Energy Recovery Inc., a market leader in energy recovery devices (ERDs), has announced the expansion of its pressure exchanger (PX) Ultra High-Pressure Series (U Series) product line, tailored for ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO) applications.

The expanded U Series product line now includes the U20, U40, U80, U250 models. Flow ranges for the suite of models range from 2.3-56.8 m3/hr (10-250 gpm) with a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar (1,740 psi).

With government-mandated zero or minimal liquid discharge (ZLD or MLD) requirements increasing globally, the PX U Series drives ZLD/MLD operational efficiency by using the cutting-edge energy recovery technology of the PX® Pressure Exchanger® to reduce operating costs from UHPRO.

Energy Recovery’s PX U Series works by recovering the otherwise wasted energy in the concentrate stream and transferring it to the RO feed stream, significantly reducing overall energy costs and consumption.

Other key benefits of the expanded PX U Series include:

  • Efficiency – industry-leading performance in all flow conditions, energy-recovery efficiency above 93%
  • Reliability – no scheduled maintenance required due to the PX’s elegant design comprised of one moving component and a corrosion-resistant alumina core
  • Versatility – compact size that is both modular and scalable
  • Customer Profitability – low operational costs and a fast payback

“The expansion of our PX U Series product line is a significant milestone in our commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the broader wastewater treatment market,” said Rodney Clemente, Senior Vice President, Water, at Energy Recovery. “These products provide an efficient way of sustainably treating toxic wastewater while optimizing operational expenses. By offering additional device configurations, we are expanding our addressable markets while helping water treatment plants overcome challenging conditions in plants of all sizes.”

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