Water Products Catalog

Brochure / Desalination / Wastewater

Water Products Catalog

Energy Recovery has spent decades perfecting devices that capture and recycle otherwise wasted pressure energy. We have a suite of energy...

PX Q400 Brochure

Brochure / Desalination / Wastewater

PX Q400

Our most efficient, highest-capacity PX for seawater reverse osmosis desalination facilities. The PX Q400 offers best-in-class performance...

PX U Series for UHPRO brochure

Brochure / Wastewater / Desalination

PX U Series for UHPRO

The PX U Series drives ZLD/MLD operational efficiency by reducing energy use in ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO) for wastewater...

PX Q Series Brochure

Brochure / Desalination / Wastewater

PX Q Series

For over 30 years we’ve enhanced our PX technology to meet rapidly evolving customer needs. We’re taking the next step with an expanded...

PX PowerTrain Brochure

Brochure / Desalination

PX Powertrain

The PX PowerTrain™ line of pre-engineered energy recovery solutions combine Energy Recovery’s award-winning PX® Pressure Exchanger®...

PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration Brochure

Brochure / CO2 Refrigeration

PX G1300® for CO2 Refrigeration

The PX G1300 utilizes proven pressure exchanger technology to improve year-round system performance by reducing energy costs, increasing...