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Best-in-class energy recovery for desalination and wastewater treatment

As drought, climate change, and water scarcity increase the demand for water systems, ensuring a sustainable method of providing fresh water is essential. For over 30 years, Energy Recovery has partnered with customers to drive operational efficiency in clean water production. Our solutions are critical to optimizing energy consumption and reducing emissions in reverse osmosis systems, making SWRO more affordable and contributing to a water-secure future. By utilizing Energy Recovery’s products, customers have avoided 19.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Our high-pressure PX products provide highly efficient energy recovery for SWRO desalination and water treatment systems. Large and small desalination projects worldwide rely on our range of PXs to achieve optimal operations and maximum energy savings. Designed with only one moving part using highly engineered alumina ceramic, the PX stands up to the harshest environments, resulting in an unmatched life cycle cost advantage.

How it works


Potential reduction of energy use in SWRO

25 Years

Designed to last with no scheduled maintenance

79 dB

PX Q Series operates at low sound levels


Devices deployed worldwide

Featuring a wide range of PX capacities, our high-pressure solutions provide flexibility to optimize train size to specific project requirements, and they’re the ideal solution for new installations or retrofits. Consuming no electrical power and engineered with only one moving part made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant ceramic, they’re the most efficient and reliable energy recovery solution for desalination and wastewater treatment on the market. 

Two PX Q Series devices

PX Q Series

A PX model for small and medium sized plants


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