The PX Q400 offers best-in-class performance from Energy Recovery’s industry-leading PX® Pressure Exchanger®. Delivering energy and cost savings, the PX Q400 offers the lowest projected life cycle cost of any proven energy recovery device (ERD) for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination, thanks to high performance and lower maintenance. The PX Q400 provides superior performance from the most trusted ERD in desalination – enhancing efficiency, capacity, reliability, and value. At 77 dB, the PX Q400 is one of the quietest ERD on the market.

At a Glance

Highly efficient

Highest efficiency at the highest flow compared to our other PX products

Lower mixing

<3% volumetric mixing resulting in higher system performance

Higher capacity

At 400 gpm, it’s our highest capacity PX yet, needing 25% fewer devices *

Low life cycle cost

Offers the lowest projected life cycle cost of any proven ERD for SWRO desalination due to lower maintenance and operational expenditures

Constructed from corrosion-resistant ceramic and designed with only one moving part, the PX Q400 is easy to use, highly durable, and ideal for harsh desalination environments. These ceramic components are unique and machined in-house using our vertically integrated and highly specialized manufacturing processes, which create precision down to the micrometer level and a consistently high performing product.

The PX Q400 supports a 25-year design life with no scheduled maintenance, leading to incredibly low design life costs, high uptime, and industry-leading reliability.


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PX Q400

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PX Q400

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