Optimized for ZLD and MLD

Maximizing energy savings in ultra high-pressure applications

Sustainable treatment of industrial wastewater can help drive a circular water economy, reduce emissions, and recover valuable resources from wastewater. By using our cutting-edge U Series devices to increase the efficiency of ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO), implementing minimal and zero liquid discharge can become less costly and reduce harmful discharge into the surrounding environment. The PX U Series is tailored for UHPRO applications, can handle higher brine concentrations, and operates at pressures of up to 120 bar (1,740 psi). Its modular design makes it ideal for small or large wastewater treatment plants.

How it works


Potential recovery, in all flow conditions, of otherwise wasted energy

25 Years

Designed to last with no scheduled maintenance


Peak efficiency of U Series

1740 PSI

Maximum operating pressure of U Series

Typically, in plants using ZLD or MLD for wastewater treatment, 50% of the cost is driven by the last 10% of the process due to the use of high-cost treatment technologies such as mechanical vapor compression (MVC), forward osmosis (FO), and electrodialysis (ED). UHPRO moves the cost of those technologies further downstream. The PX U Series further reduces the energy waste of the UHPRO process by returning pressure energy to the system, ultimately reducing overall energy costs.

Ultra High-Pressure PX


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