CO2 Refrigeration

Simple and Powerful Energy Efficiency Solutions for CO2

CO2 offers a climate-friendly alternative to many commercial and industrial refrigeration systems that previously relied on harmful greenhouse gas-emitting refrigerants.

The PX G1300TM enhances CO2-based systems by maximizing system efficiency to reduce energy consumption and the electricity bill. As the world increasingly moves toward sustainable systems, we aim to make it easier for our customers to reduce their emissions and safeguard their operations against rising temperatures.

With climate change presenting a critical threat to the world, we are proud to provide climate-friendly solutions to critical systems.

The PX G1300TM

Pressure Exchanger for CO2 Refrigeration

Lower operating costs and energy consumption, increase efficiency, and meet your sustainability goals

PX G1300 energy recovery device for efficiency in CO2 refrigeration

CO2 Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

In the case of refrigeration, CO2 is far less harmful to the environment than hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the traditional refrigerant of choice. On the other hand, CO2 systems in refrigeration often consume significant amounts of electricity, particularly in warmer climates.

However, by installing the PX G1300, retailers can achieve:

  • Reduces operating expenses by lowering energy consumption, emissions, and replacing or reducing the need for other system components1
  • Improved energy efficiency and high-temperature rack stability
  • Easy to operate and maintain 
  • Simple, flexible design
  • Reduced workload on compressors
  • Ability to meet or exceed corporate sustainability targets
  • Proven, reliable technology with little to no scheduled maintenance2

The PX G1300 unlocks the potential of these refrigeration systems, making them run more efficiently and perform at a wider range of temperatures, including during heat waves. This high-temperature rack stability gives retailers confidence in their refrigeration systems when they’re most needed.

Game changing, sustainable, energy saving PX G1300™️ for CO₂ Refrigeration systems

The Significant Environmental Impact

Beyond energy and cost savings, switching to CO2 refrigeration systems equipped with the PX G1300 can markedly reduce emissions. 

Energy Recovery estimates for every 1,000 supermarkets across the US, deploying the PX G1300 can save approximately 67GWh of electricity, lower electricity costs by about $10 million, and reduce CO2 emissions by around 16,000 metric tons, equivalent to taking roughly 3,400 passenger vehicles off US roads.3

Energy Recovery estimates for every 1,000 supermarkets in Europe, deploying the PX G1300 can save approximately 43GWh of electricity, lower electricity costs by about €6.6 million, and reduce CO2 emissions by around 9,600 metric tons, equivalent to taking roughly 6,000 passenger vehicles off European roads.3

A Track Record You Can Trust

For 30 years, Energy Recovery’s technology has provided significant energy and cost savings for our customers in desalination. Our leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® is a globally trusted technology with a long history providing efficiency, installed capital cost (CAPEX) reduction, and operational reliability. The PX G1300 is a revolutionary application of the pressure exchanger that provides those same energy-saving solutions for high-pressure CO2 systems in commercial and industrial refrigeration.

The PX G1300 technology has been proven in laboratory tests and field installations in the US and in Europe in addition to being published & peer reviewed in academic literature in collaboration with Oakridge National Laboratory, NTNU, SINTEF, and featured on the US Department of Energy website. The PX G1300 pressure exchanger can boost refrigeration efficiency by over 30% in certain temperatures and climates, presenting a chance for CO2 refrigeration users to improve system efficiency, lower costs, and meet climate goals.


  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Cold storage
  • Data centers (In Development)
  • Heat pumps (In Development)
  • Power generation (In Development)

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1Reduced capital costs achieved by replacing or reducing the need for other system components.

2Based on experience in water desalination industry.

3Energy savings are based on ERI estimates comparing a PX G-enabled CO2 refrigeration rack compared with a standard CO2 refrigeration rack without any type of energy recovery devices or systems.