For 20 years, Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII) has made water desalination more efficient and more profitable by harnessing reusable energy from fluid flows. Signaling a strategic shift that will help more companies worldwide benefit from its solutions, the Company’s rebrand emphasizes Energy Recovery’s position as world leader in desalination while anchoring its plans to expand into the oil & gas industry.

The new brand springboards Energy Recovery’s vision for a bold, strategic expansion of its technological solutions. After significant investment in R&D to further the Company’s industry-leading engineering excellence, and following two years of strategic analysis of its successes as the premium brand in desalination, this rebrand captures the Company’s vision for fulfilling the growing, worldwide demand for energy-saving technologies. Energy Recovery’s latest products and solutions will now span the water and oil & gas markets, making it possible to harness energy from almost any high-pressure fluid flow.

At every level, Energy Recovery’s rebrand is a strategic move to reflect its vision for the future.

The new brand includes a new look. Translucent and flowing, the möbius ‘e’ that trumpets Energy Recovery’s vision depicts the Company’s continual commitment to innovation within all fluid applications; it echoes the power of flow. The new identity also recognizes the Company’s well-known, iconic yellow PX® devices-the original technology that secured its leading position in desalination. The new tagline-Fluid Innovators(TM)-speaks to the talent, expertise and passion of the Company’s employees and to the forward-thinking plant owners and operators with whom the Company partners. For Energy Recovery, companies don’t innovate; people do. The dynamic, modern brand effectively showcases its staff as a vital resource. As part of the rebrand, Energy Recovery has also just launched a new website. The website provides more information about the Company’s oil & gas systems; its premium energy saving technologies, and shines a spotlight on its hands-on service team known as Team 360.

“We are proud of where we came from and extremely motivated about where we’re headed. This is one of the most important strategic moves in the Company’s history,” states Audrey Bold, Chief Marketing Officer at Energy Recovery. “The rebrand is central to how we communicate our strategic direction to shareholders, employees and customers. While our look may have changed, our brand promise remains: to make industrial processes environmentally cleaner and more profitable.”

About Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII) technology harvests the power of pressure from high-pressure fluid flows and pressure cycles. Through collaboration with industry, Energy Recovery helps make industrial processes within water, oil & gas, and chemical industries more profitable and environmentally sustainable. With over 14,000 energy recovery devices installed worldwide, Energy Recovery sets the standard for engineering excellence, cost savings, and technical services to clients across the globe. Year after year, the company’s clean technologies save clients over $1.2 Billion (USD) in energy costs. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has offices in Madrid, Shanghai, and Dubai.