Bringing the PX® Pressure Exchanger® to Process Innovators

Innovation is at the center of what Energy Recovery does, and in that spirit we are inviting industry innovators working to develop novel membrane processes or applications, including nanofiltration and reverse osmosis (RO), to partner with us to use the PX® Pressure Exchanger® (PX) in their work.

PX technology was a game-changing innovation for seawater desalination and has promise to reduce energy, emissions, and costs in numerous other applications using existing and novel processes.

This program was created to promote new innovations using PX technology at the R&D, pilot, demonstration, and first reference stages.

This Program Is Open To:

  • Process innovators
  • Consultants and OEMs demonstrating new applications
  • Injection well operators
  • Universities
  • Research labs
  • Startups
  • Government agencies
  • …or any organization working on advancements in membrane processes and applications
PX for Process Innovators Program

This program aims to aid in the advancement of membrane applications and processes by providing innovators access to PX technology, the gold standard and highest efficiency energy recovery device on the market. Our PX family of products provides unmatched energy recovery, reliability, and flexibility for membrane-based desalination, wastewater, reuse, brine mining, and minimum liquid discharge treatment systems across a range of flow rates and pressure levels. In seawater RO desalination, the PX is able to reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%.

If you are interested in applying the PX to your project, contact us at