How It Works

Pressure exchangers recycle pressure energy from high-pressure CO2 to low-pressure CO2. Similar to a heat exchanger, which exchanges heat between two fluid streams, the pressure exchanger transfers pressure energy. Pressure exchangers can function as a compressor and high-pressure valve within a CO2 system to reduce compressor workload which increases cooling capacity, system stability, and energy efficiency.

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Animation of pressure exchanger rotor in energy recovery devices

PX G1300 Benefits

Improve energy efficiency with greater savings during high heat periods

Protect systems from high discharge pressure failure and safeguard against heat waves

Durable, simple design utilizing the gold standard pressure exchanger technology with a 30-year history in desalination

Works with all major rack controllers for easy installation in new and existing systems

A Track Record You Can Trust

For 30 years, Energy Recovery’s technology has provided significant energy and cost savings for our customers in desalination. Our leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® is a globally trusted technology with a long history providing efficiency, installed capital cost (CAPEX) reduction, and operational reliability. The PX G1300 is a revolutionary application of the pressure exchanger that provides those same energy-saving solutions for high-pressure CO2 systems in commercial and industrial refrigeration.


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