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Energy Recovery is certified as a Great Place to Work, which recognizes employers who create outstanding employee experiences. Employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, distinguishing companies that genuinely offer a great company culture.

Internship Highlights

Summer Internship in Three words

What Our Interns Say

Despite a short duration, I’ve gained substantial knowledge. The incredible team and my supportive manager made me feel welcome. Everyone in my department has contributed to my learning of our processes; they’re always ready to help, and I’m not hesitant to seek assistance. They trusted me to handle a few customers independently, which greatly aided my growth.

Aditi Trivedi, Project Management Intern

Overall this internship has been challenging, it’s been fun, and it’s been very rewarding. I’ve had to face a lot of challenges, but I was able to overcome them, and I am very proud of the results of my project.

Zitlali Lustre, Mechanical Engineering Intern

I’ve gained hands-on experience in financial planning, analysis, and reporting. I’ve had the opportunity to take on meaningful projects that have developed my skills in areas like budgeting, forecasting, and data analytics. The mentors I’ve worked with have provided excellent guidance and feedback to help me grow professionally.

Javier Banson, Finance Intern


Sustainability is at the core of what we do. In addition to developing and manufacturing solutions that help our customers reduce their emissions, we are dedicated to applying the principles of sustainability to our own operations.