PX G1300® Pressure Exchanger

RAC Cooling Awards
ATMO America Award

Energy Efficiency for CO2 Refrigeration, Simplified

Game-changing technology that can improve energy efficiency by 30%1

PX G1300 pressure exchanger for CO2 refrigeration systems
Reduce Energy Cost

Improve energy efficiency with greater savings during high heat periods

Increase Cooling Capacity

Protect systems from high discharge pressure failure and safeguard against heat waves

Proven and Reliable2

Durable, simple design utilizing the gold standard pressure exchanger technology with a 30-year history in desalination

Universally Compatible3

Works with all major rack controllers for easy installation in new and existing systems

What is a Pressure Exchanger and How Does it Work?

Pressure exchangers recycle pressure energy from high-pressure CO2 to low-pressure CO2. Similar to a heat exchanger, which exchanges heat between two fluid streams, the pressure exchanger transfers pressure energy. Pressure exchangers can function as a compressor and high-pressure valve within a CO2 system and use almost no electricity compared to the system.

When integrated into new or existing systems, the PX G1300 pressure exchanger can reduce compressor workload to increase cooling capacity, system stability, and energy efficiency.

Heat Exchanger Thermal-Flow Energy Exchange compared to Pressure Exchanger Pressure-Flow Energy Exchange
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PX G1300 Energy Saving Benefits

Based on laboratory and real-life results, the PX G1300 pressure exchanger can increase the energy efficiency of CO2-based commercial refrigeration systems by more than 25% at 35-40°C (95- 104°F) and more than 30% above 40°C (104°F), compared to a standard CO2 system with no energy recovery devices.

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Learn how the PX G1300 unlocks the potential of commercial and industrial CO2 refrigeration systems, making them run more efficiently and perform at a wider range of temperatures, including during heat waves.

PX G1300 pressure exchanger for CO2 refrigeration systems

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A Track Record You Can Trust

For 30 years, Energy Recovery’s technology has provided significant energy and cost savings for our customers in desalination. Our leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® is a globally trusted technology with a long history providing efficiency, installed capital cost (CAPEX) reduction, and operational reliability. The PX G1300 is a revolutionary application of the pressure exchanger that provides those same energy-saving solutions for high-pressure CO2 systems in commercial and industrial refrigeration.

The PX G1300 technology has been proven in laboratory tests and field installations in the US and Europe in addition to being published & peer reviewed in academic literature in collaboration with Oakridge National Laboratory, NTNU, and SINTEF, and featured on the US Department of Energy website. The PX G1300 pressure exchanger can boost refrigeration efficiency by over 30% in certain temperatures and climates, presenting a chance for CO2 refrigeration users to improve system efficiency, lower costs, and meet climate goals.

PX G1300 is a trademark of Energy Recovery, Inc., Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off

1The efficiency improvements of the PX G1300 system are more than 25% at 35-40°C (95-104°F) and more than 30% above 40°C (104°F) compared to standard CO2 booster systems. Actual results may vary.
2Based on experience in water desalination industry.
3The PX G1300 is compatible with all major rack controllers as of October 2023.