PX G1300

PX G1300™:
A game-changing device that lowers the cost to run CO2 systems

PX G1300 ERD for energy efficient CO2 systems

The PX G1300TM utilizes proven technology to improve the energy efficiency of CO2 systems, reducing energy costs, potentially lowering capital costs of the system, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Its simple design and precision manufacturing ensure that the PX G1300 is highly reliable and durable, with little scheduled maintenance, and can potentially be integrated into existing high-pressure CO2 systems.

For 30 years, Energy Recovery’s technology has provided significant energy and cost savings for our customers in desalination. Our leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® is a globally trusted technology with a long history providing efficiency, installed capital cost (CAPEX) reduction, and operational reliability. The PX G1300 is a game-changing application of the pressure exchanger that provides those same energy-saving solutions for high-pressure CO2 systems, including commercial and industrial refrigeration and cold storage, with future applications in data centers, heat pumps, and geothermal power generation.

Energy Efficient

Minimizes utility costs by increasing energy efficiency

Reduces Costs

Lowered operating expenses combined with potentially lowered capital expenses means a quick return on your investment


Durable, simple design with little scheduled maintenance


Utilizes leading PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology trusted globally in desalination

What It Does

The PX G1300 works to maximize energy efficiency in a high-pressure CO2 system, transferring energy from high-pressure to low-pressure CO2. This efficient transfer of energy significantly reduces the system’s electricity consumption, lowering operating costs and emissions. Because it is able to provide both expansion and compression, it can also replace or reduce the size of existing system components, potentially lowering capital costs. Its simple and modular design means the PX G1300 can integrate easily into a range of systems and operating conditions.

While natural refrigerants offer a climate-friendly solution to many industries such as refrigeration, cold storage, and heating, the accompanying electricity costs can make high-pressure CO2 systems cost-prohibitive. By reducing these costs, the PX G1300 makes it easy to meet stringent emissions regulations and make the sustainable choice.

PX G1300 Benefits

– Reduces operating expenses by lowering energy consumption and emissions
– Potentially reduces system costs by reducing the size or even need for other system components
– Easy to operate and maintain
– Simple, flexible design
– Proven, reliable technology*

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*Based on Energy Recovery’s PX product history and performance in water desalination