About Us

The pursuit of more efficient, sustainable operations and customer solutions is core to our DNA

Energy Recovery is a trusted global leader in energy efficiency technology. Building on our pressure exchanger technology platform, we design and manufacture reliable, high-performance solutions that generate cost savings and increase energy efficiency across several industries. With a strong foundation in the desalination industry, Energy Recovery has delivered transformative solutions that increase operational efficiency and provide a positive environmental impact to our customers worldwide for more than 30 years. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Energy Recovery has manufacturing, research, and development facilities across California and Texas, with sales and on-site technical support available globally.

Generating Cost Savings and Increasing Efficiency

We are committed to developing technologies that reduce operating costs for our customers. Our solutions drive long-term value and improve the productivity of our customers’ operations by reducing energy consumption and lifecycle cost, including repairs, maintenance, and equipment downtime.

Our company started in water desalination, where our flagship PX® Pressure Exchanger® (PX) energy recovery device today saves water desalination customers approximately USD $5.9B in energy costs annually. The reliability and lifetime value proposition of our PX make it seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination’s most trusted and industry standard energy recovery device.

Accelerating Technical Innovation

Our core technology is the pressure exchanger. This versatile technology is at the heart of many of our products and can handle different industrial fluids and pressures. The first application of our pressure exchanger technology, the PX, revolutionized SWRO desalination by addressing a key pain point: energy intensity. The PX reduces energy use by up to 60% in SWRO facilities – significant savings that allowed SWRO to supplant thermal desalination as today’s desalination technology of choice. Today we continue to push the boundaries of our core technology to handle different operating environments and industrial applications.

Delivering Environmental and Social Impact

Our customers do not have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Our technology makes industrial fluid-flow processes more efficient and environmentally sustainable, saving energy, and minimizing emissions. We are proud of our role in accelerating the environmental sustainability of our customers’ operations and, where applicable, supporting customers to meet environmental regulations and requirements.  Our PX, which generates no emissions when operating, allowed our desalination customers to avoid 36.2 terawatt hours and approximately 17.2 million metric tons of carbon emissions in 2022 – equivalent to removing more than 3.8 million vehicles from the road annually*. Thanks in part to our PX, SWRO is a cost-effective, energy-efficient option to deliver clean water to people in water-scarce locations.

*Energy Recovery estimates

Doing business the right way

Four years ago, we embarked on our formal sustainability journey to turn the lens on ourselves and provide our stakeholders further transparency around our company. We believe sustainable operations and products are fundamental to being a resilient business.

Energy Recovery 2022 Sustainability Report

Building partnerships for a more sustainable future

Just as our company is dedicated to delivering efficient and sustainable products to our customers, we are committed to supporting the local and global communities where our employees live and work with that same spirit. Our aim is to lead by example and empower our partners who share this purpose.

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Careers at Energy Recovery

We know our people are our most valuable asset, enabling us to solve the world’s most pressing industrial challenges. We provide a rewarding work environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and creative problem solving, celebrates excellence and individuality, and fosters collaboration.

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