Energy Recovery will be at the European Desalination Society’s annual conference, showcasing our industry-leading PX Pressure Exchanger for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination. Our new PX Q400 further innovates and improves upon what came before—enhancing efficiency, capacity, reliability, and value to ensure it remains the most trusted energy recovery device (ERD) in desalination.

On May 24th, 10:20am (UTC +3), Energy Recovery’s Rolando Bosleman and David Kim-Hak will be presenting “Energy recovery system: long-term assessment, improvement, and evolution of the next generation ERD.”

“This conference on desalination for the environment will be devoted to advances towards providing fresh water for all, at affordable cost and at economical energy requirements. With limited and depleting natural sources, desalination can supplement some of the critically lacking amounts of water needed for sustainable development” – European Desalination Society.