Join this 45-minute, informative webinar with Energy Recovery’s Training Manager, Thomas Graf, to discover how the PX G1300 pressure exchanger works to reclaim the high-pressure energy of CO2 refrigeration systems. You will learn:

  • How the PX G1300 Works: Understand the engineering behind the pressure exchanger and how it drives efficiency in CO2 refrigeration systems.  
  • Key Benefits: Explore the advantages of using the PX G1300, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced high-temperature rack stability, and increased cooling capacity. 
  • Practical Integration: Learn how simple it is to add the PX G1300 to new or existing systems.  

The PX G1300 has earned recognition from leading industry associations, including RAC Cooling Magazine, ACR News, ATMOsphere, and C&R Madrid. Attend this webinar to see why the PX G1300 is transforming CO2 refrigeration and how it can help you reach your goal