Low-Pressure Solutions

Energy Recovery Solutions for Low-Pressure RO Systems

Making Potable Reuse Sustainable and Affordable

Low Pressure RO energy recovery devices for potable water reuse

Reducing Energy Consumption with the PX® Pressure Exchanger®

Energy Recovery has spent 30 years perfecting the reliable, field-proven, and trusted PX Pressure Exchanger technology. Consuming no electrical power and engineered with only one moving part made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant ceramic, the PX Pressure Exchanger offers substantial energy savings and ease of integration resulting in reduced operational expenditures.

The PX Pressure Exchanger transfers hydraulic energy from the concentrated brine stream and uses it to supplement the flow from the main high-pressure feed pump, which feeds the membranes. This is done via direct contact between the concentrated brine and filtered seawater feed stream. An optional booster pump can be used to balance the fluxes in both stages.

Reducing Energy Consumption for low pressure industrial wastewater treatment and desalination

PX Technology Benefits


Industry-leading reliability (99.8% uptime)

No scheduled maintenance, with 25-year design life


Modular and scalable to any flow capacity

Isobaric device with wide operating range

High efficiency with flow and pressure variation


Short payback period

More energy-efficient design for low pressure

Easy to Retrofit

Potential to use in existing feed and booster pumps

PX Technology Features:

  • Operates at low pressures 5.5-27.6 bar (80-400 psi)
  • Models ranging from 7 to 59 m3/h (30 to 260 gpm) per unit
  • Ideal for potable, non-potable, agricultural, and industrial water reuse

LPT Turbocharger

Optimized for Low-Pressure Systems

Low Pressure Turbocharger for reverse osmosis potable water reuse

Energy Savings and Ease of Integration with Turbochargers

The LPT Turbocharger is a cost-efficient energy recovery solution offering long-term reliability and versatility in a compact footprint. Designed for low-pressure applications such as multi-stage brackish reverse osmosis water treatment, this device handles flows from 227 to 908 m3/h (1,000 to 4,000 gpm) and pressures up to 45 bar (650 psi). The LPT is the ideal solution for two-stage systems where flux balancing and system optimization are desired. It can easily replace a booster pump for this service, providing equal or better performance all while requiring no electrical connections, motors, or drives.

Turbochargers convert hydraulic energy in the brine stream into mechanical energy, reducing the amount of head required by the main high-pressure pump. The turbine drives the pump section boosting the discharge of the high-pressure pump to membrane feed pressure. The turbocharger decouples the energy recovery device from the pump and motor, allowing it to run at higher speeds and higher efficiency than the Pelton wheel.

Turbochargers for low pressure reverse osmosis systems

LPT Turbocharger Benefits

Eliminates need for interstage booster pump

No electrical connections

Easy system integration

Long-term reliability

LPT Turbocharger Features:

  • Flow range: 227 to 908 m3/h (1,000 to 4,000 gpm) per unit
  • Operating pressure: up to 45 bar (650 psi)
  • Ideal for brackish desalination and similar low fouling applications with stable recovery and flow rates

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