Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERII), the leader in recycling fluid pressure in the oil and gas, chemical and water industries, announced today that Energy Recovery’s PX Q300 Pressure Exchanger devices have been shipped to the city of Jamnagar, India to be included in a large desalination expansion. This is one of many seawater reverse osmosis ( SWRO ) desalination projects in the pipeline for India as the pro-development Modi Government pursues construction of large public works projects under the Gujarat model.

The city of Jamnagar is known as the ‘Oil City’ because it is home to the world’s largest oil refinery and many ancillary oil and gas production facilities. The Jamnagar desalination plant has expanded twice since first commissioning, and will be adding 188,000 cubic meters per day to its current capacity. Critical to the expansion was to find technologies that would reduce energy consumption.  Well-known for its reliability, energy efficiency and lifetime guarantee, the PX Q300 was the end-user’s energy recovery device of choice.

“We are proud to be a part of this important project and to assist the city of Jamnagar produce cost-effective water for industry and the city’s population. This expansion project demonstrates a crystal clear example of the water-energy nexus. To create energy, we need water and vice versa,” remarks Tom Rooney, Energy Recovery CEO.

Energy Recovery has been providing energy saving technologies to help India produce fresh water for more than a decade. Within the past few years, the Company was selected for its award-winning PX Pressure Exchangers for two of India’s largest SWRO desalination plants known as Chennai I & II. (Read a case study on Chennai here). Every year, Energy Recovery technologies save India close to a half a million kWh of energy, which amounts to annual operating expense (OPEX) savings of $47 million (USD), and helps produce 408 million liters of water a day. With the addition of Jamnagar, these figures will continue to augment and benefit the second most populated country in the world save much needed energy.

Energy Recovery

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