As wastewater regulations become more strict in many regions, dischargers are looking for ways to responsibly treat their wastewater while also minimizing costs. But fresh water is not the only valuable resource that we can extract from wastewater. Resource recovery, a.k.a. waste valorization, is an emerging strategy that converts waste streams into valuable resources that can be sold and reused. Resource recovery helps offset the cost of wastewater treatment while also reducing harmful discharges and contributing to a circular economy.

This webinar covers how pressure exchanger and reverse osmosis technology can be used to facilitate resource recovery while lowering energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions. We provide an overview of the industries that can benefit from incorporating resource recovery into their wastewater treatment process, the resources that can be recovered from these waste streams, and potential system designs. Applications include waste streams from seawater desalination, manure and food waste digestates, lithium ion battery manufacturing and recycling, and others that include valuable minerals and resources.

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