U Series

The PX U Series

The key to low-cost ZLD/MLD wastewater treatment in Ultra High-Pressure applications


Our PX U Series pressure exchangers are the key to cost-effectively meeting Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge (ZLD or MLD) requirements for wastewater treatment. By using cutting-edge energy recovery technology to reduce energy use in Ultra High Pressure Reverse Osmosis (UHPRO), these devices make treating wastewater less costly. The PX U Series is tailored for UHPRO applications with operating pressures up to 120 bar (1,740 psi), and its modular design makes it ideal for small or large plants.

U Series Benefits


With industry leading efficiency in all flow conditions, our PX U Series is designed to recover up to 65% of otherwise wasted energy


No scheduled maintenance required due to one moving component and a corrosion resistant alumina core

Sound investment

Compact, modular and scalable with low operational expenditure and fast payback

PX U Series Specifications

Maximum Operating Pressure: 120 bar (1,740 psi)

Flow Range
m3/hr (gpm)
HP/LP Port Connection Ceramic
PX U20 2.3 – 4.5
(10 – 20)
1.5″ (DN40)/1.5″ (DN40)
Grooved-end Flexible
Pipe Coupling
PX U40
(Ultra PX)
4.5 – 9.1
(20 – 40)
1.5″ (DN40)/1.5″ (DN40)
Grooved-end Flexible
Pipe Coupling
PX U80 9.1 – 18.2
(40 – 80)
1.5″ (DN40)/1.5″ (DN40)
Grooved-end Flexible
Pipe Coupling
PX U250 38.6 – 56.8
(170 – 250)
3″ (DN80)/4″ (DN100)
Grooved-end Flexible
Pipe Coupling

Why UHPRO and why the PX U Series?

Typically, in plants using ZLD/MLD for wastewater treatment, 50 percent of the cost is driven by the last 10 percent of the process due to the use of high-cost treatment technologies such as mechanical vapor compression (MVC), forward osmosis (FO), and electrodialysis (ED). UHPRO moves the cost of those technologies further downstream. The PX U Series further reduces the energy waste of the UHPRO process by returning pressure energy to the system, ultimately reducing overall energy costs.

ultra high-pressure reverse osmosis (UHPRO reduces the thermal wastewater treatment needed to achieve ZLD goals

An opportunity to save even more

When you pair the PX U Series with our UHP Circulation Pump which is designed for ZLD and MLD applications in ultra-high pressure environments, you have an end-to-end energy recovery solution that maximizes efficiency and cost savings!

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Wastewater Treatment

Membrane technologies now offer an energy and cost-effective way to meet regulations requiring minimal liquid discharge (MLD) and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) for wastewater treatment. By employing energy recovery devices, those savings can be compounded while preserving system reliability and operability.

industrial wastewater treatment solutions for ZLD MLD energy recovery