CO2 Systems

Simple Energy-Saving Solutions for CO2

The PX G1300TM utilizes proven technology to improve the energy efficiency of CO2 systems, reducing energy costs, potentially lowering capital costs of the system, and reducing CO2 emissions.

CO2 offers a climate-friendly alternative to many commercial and industrial practices that previously relied on harmful greenhouse gases. In the case of refrigeration, CO2 is far less harmful to the environment than hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the traditional refrigerant of choice. However, CO2 systems in refrigeration, heating, and other processes often consume significant amounts of electricity, particularly in warmer climates.

The PX G1300TM offers a solution to this dilemma, maximizing system efficiency to reduce energy consumption and the electricity bill. As the world increasingly moves toward sustainable systems, we aim to make it easier for our customers to reduce their emissions and future-proof their operations.

With climate change presenting a critical threat to the world, we are proud to provide climate-friendly solutions to critical systems.

Current Applications

  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration
  • Cold storage

Future Applications

  • Data centers
  • Heat pumps
  • Power generation

The PX G1300TM:
A game-changing device that lowers the cost to run a high-pressure CO2 system

PX G1300 for energy efficient CO2 systems

A Big Leap in CO2 Refrigeration Efficiency

Traditional refrigerants like HFCs pose a serious threat to our environment, and governments around the world are increasingly strengthening regulations to phase out their use. For the refrigeration industry and its customers, it is not a question of if, but when they will have to move to more sustainable natural refrigerants like CO2. But the cost of CO2 refrigeration systems has traditionally made it hard for operators to make the switch, especially in warm climates.

The PX G1300 makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and remain compliant with climate regulations by reducing the operating costs and emissions of CO2 refrigeration systems. Retailers and grocery stores can improve their bottom line while reducing their carbon footprint.

Because it is able to provide both expansion and compression, it can also replace or reduce the size of existing system components, potentially lowering capital costs, and its simple and modular design means the PX G1300 can integrate easily into a range of systems and operating conditions.

Offers Grocers:
– Potentially reduces capital expenses by replacing or reducing other system components
– Reduced operating costs
– Ability to meet or exceed regulations
– Proven Reliability

Energy Recovery offers a world class track record in desalination with over 25,000 PX installations worldwide, many operating 20-25 years with little scheduled maintenance.

*Based on Energy Recovery’s PX product history and performance in water desalination

Upcoming Events

Energy Recovery will be at EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 26 to March 2 to demonstrate and answer questions about the PX G1300™ energy recovery device for CO2 refrigeration systems. Click here to learn more.

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