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Our suite of energy recovery devices (ERDs) can operate at different pressures, dramatically reducing the energy needs, costs, and emissions associated with reverse osmosis desalination and wastewater applications.


PX G1300 for CO2 Refrigeration

The PX G1300® utilizes proven pressure exchanger technology to improve CO2 system performance by reducing energy costs, increasing cooling capacity, and increasing energy efficiency at high ambient temperatures.

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We Are Energy Recovery

For 30 years we’ve been innovating our PX Pressure Exchanger technology, moving industrial systems towards a more sustainable future.


PX Powertrain

The PX PowerTrain™ line of pre-engineered energy recoverysolutions combine Energy Recovery’s award-winning PX® PressureExchanger® (PX) devices with frame support and ancillary equipmentinto a compact, ready to install high-performance energy recoverydevice… Read more »

ESG Report

2019 ESG Report

Efficiency, sustainability and resilience are at the core of our business and products


PX Q Series

For over 20 years we’ve enhanced our PX technology to meet rapidly evolving customer needs. We’re taking the next step with an expanded PX Q Series, which delivers minimal noise… Read more »


Prime Performance Energy Services Agreement (ESA)

Energy Recovery’s Prime Performance ESA is the only product on the market that allows customers to upgrade their RO high-pressure pumping and energy recovery systems virtually risk free with no upfront capital, promising actual efficiency savings in one all-inclusive solution.

Optimizing Amine Process Design Using Liquid-Phase Turbochargers

This paper describes conventional configurations with high-pressure pumps and new configurations utilizing liquid-phase turbochargers. Design of the equipment, process operations and controls, and reliability analysis are included. The results of a RAM study comparing conventional configurations to those incorporating liquid-phase turbochargers in multiple cases are also presented.

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Meet the Innovators: David Anderson

The “Meet the Innovators” video series brings you behind the scenes at Energy Recovery. “Fluid Innovators” showcases our engineers who work hard at their craft and are so passionate about creating the next generation of innovative energy technologies.

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面对日益严峻的水资源短缺,中国各水利机构与各大全球水处理公司建立了合作伙伴关系,致力于建造 中国现今最大的反渗透海水淡化厂。美国能量回收公司始终为主要的海水淡化厂提供高效领先的能量回收设备,并 在中国拥有90%的市场占有率,每日供水估约50万立方米。

Case Study

YuHuan, China powering up for 2008 Olympics

The plant, built by Beijing CNC Technology, Inc. supplies fresh water to electrical power stations. The OEM’s decision to use Energy Recovery’s PX Pressure Exchanger® technology for the YuHuan desalination plant helped prepare the country for its 2008 Olympics.

White Paper

White Paper: Desalination and energy efficiency for mining in Namibia

The authors present energy-saving solutions for desalination water supply for mining applications. Detailed design data for the Uranium mining desalination plant are given. Environment and economic conscious owners and operators will learn methods of design and operation of desalination systems in mining, which can be easily extrapolated to many other industrial needs, and how to minimize the total cost of ownership of a desalination process.

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Upgrading ERDs within an operating desalination plant in Israel

The Palmachim Desalination plant is one of the largest seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants in Israel with a capacity of 120,000 cubic meters per day. Built by the Via Maris Desalination Ltd. consortium, the plant consists of six (6) parallel SWRO trains, each with a permeate production capacity of up to 20,000 cubic meters per day.

Case Study

Turkey’s industrial water needs restrained by expensive power

The quality and availability of freshwater supplies in Turkey are unpredictable. This is because rainfall variations, geographical irregularities, urbanization, industrialization, and agricultural modernization all complicate water use for human, industrial, and agricultural purposes.

Case Study

Tianjin’s progress stalled without water

Limited water resources were holding back social and economic development in Tianjin Dagang, the largest industrial city in Northern China. An early adopter of desalination to meet municipal and industrial water needs, Tianjin sought to develop a massive desalination plant.

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The lifetime durability of ceramic PX energy recovery devices

To ensure the lifetime of the seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) process and its enabling technology, it is essential to use the most advanced and reliable materials of construction. One such advance in material science is that of the PX Pressure Exchanger employing high purity (>99%) aluminum oxide (alumina) ceramics.

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The advantage of reliable ERD technologies

Availability can be defined as the probability that a system or piece of equipment when used under the specified conditions operates satisfactorily at any given time. The availability of the equipment installed in a seawater reverse osmosis facility (SWRO) is extremely important to the price, quality, and quantity of the final product—water.

Case Study

Parched on the Red Sea

Miles and miles of gorgeous Red Sea coastline draw tourists to Egypt every year. And while most of Egypt’s residents have access to fresh water from the River Nile, transporting it to the farthest reaches of the Egyptian coast is expensive.

Case Study

India’s meticulous water needs

The Udipi 1300 MW Thermal Power Plant is a coal/gas-based power generating station located in Udipi, near Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Vast amounts of the highest quality pure water are needed for the steam generation process.

Case Study

Flourishing seaside Chennai with water woes

With a growing metropolitan population of over 8 million people, Chennai is the fourth largest population center in India after Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Historically dependent upon limited water resources, the people of Chennai must pay high costs to transport water.

Case Study

Egyptian water production at odds with demands to lower power use

Though most of Egypt’s population has traditionally lived in the Cairo metro area, migration trends show more and more residents are relocating to the coastlines. Given this migratory development, small coastal towns like Marsa Alam on the Red Sea now have huge demands to supply potable water to a growing population.

Case Study, White Paper

Desalinated water powers China’s economic growth

As electricity production increases in China to keep pace with the nation’s rapid economic growth, power providers are caught in a bind: energy generation requires processed water, but desalinating seawater to feed power plants requires significant energy.

Case Study

Chinese island seeks fresh water for residents and tourists

Shengsi, an island in Zhoushan, China’s largest archipelago, is known for its beaches, fishing, and salt production. The area has more than 79,000 residents and hosted more than 2.7 million tourists in 2012, a number that strains the island’s minimal natural water supply.

Case Study

China’s residents compete for fresh water access

In the vibrant seacoast city of Qingdao, China, a diverse population of over 8 million people shares space and resources with rapidly growing industry. The pressing need for a larger municipal water supply led government leaders to commission a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) water treatment plant.