sustainability oversight

We are committed to maintaining strong sustainability governance practices that represent and protect our stakeholders’ interests. We have developed our governance framework to promote transparency and ensure that our leadership can properly evaluate our operations and make decisions that are in the best interest of stakeholders.

Sustainability Governance Structure

Our corporate governance and risk oversight structure is inclusive of sustainability. Coordination across the Board and management levels ensures a congruent and action-driven approach to sustainability across the organization. At the Board level, responsibility for sustainability oversight is handled by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Flow chart demonstrating Energy Recovery's governance structure.

The Sustainability Management Committee reviews updates and goal progress quarterly. The committee was also instrumental in the completion of our materiality assessment, KPI data collection and validation and initiation of sustainability goals. Through direct communication and engagement with our broader employee and external stakeholder groups, the Management Committee’s efforts are extremely important in aligning our organization and elevating real-time priorities. We continuously evaluate our business, feedback from stakeholders, and the broader business landscape to adjust our priorities as we progress on our sustainability journey.

stakeholder management

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