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Our employees are integral to our success and ability to innovate. We aim to create an environment where all employees feel supported and heard in the workplace and are given the tools they need to succeed, grow in their careers, and meet their objectives.

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Responsible Sourcing

We recognize that our supply chain starts with our sourcing decisions. We obtain raw, processed, and pre-machined materials from our suppliers for our various products. We have staked our name on the precision of our manufacturing and the impact our products have on the world, and as such, supplier selection, qualification, and compliance are highly important.  In 2021, we launched a program specifically to prevent trafficking in our supply chain and align our operations with international best practices, including the International Labour Organization’s framework, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) guidelines, and specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In collaboration with a third-party supply chain compliance firm, we poll our top suppliers annually and provide education according to the survey results. This education specifically targets unresponsive and non-compliant suppliers and prioritizes areas that present considerable risk to both our business and society, such as anti-trafficking and slavery, conflict minerals, and human rights policies.

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Employee Spotlight

Pawandeep Aujla

Talent Acquisition Manager

When Talent Acquisition Manager Pawandeep Aujla joined Energy Recovery at the end of 2022, she took the initiative to formalize the company’s summer internships and grow them into a fully-fledged cross-functional program, giving interns a memorable learning experience.

Under Pawandeep’s guidance internships shifted to a project-based focus, with each intern assigned a tangible objective that aligns with the company’s ongoing business goals. Projects in summer 2023 included digitizing the company’s manuals, developing waste reduction protocols, and improving the efficiency of our R&D test loops. This approach provides interns with a hands-on, results-driven learning experience that clearly demonstrates their skills and actively contributes to Energy Recovery’s overall strategy. Interns came together at the end of the summer with their teams for a “Presentation Day” to celebrate their progress, share their learnings, and collaborate cross-functionally.

Beyond direct work experience, Pawandeep curated activities to cultivate camaraderie and networking among the interns, who were spread across different teams. These social activities encouraged interns to integrate in the company culture and made the work environment more welcoming to students new to the corporate environment.

An internship is a stepping stone for students and new grads to develop and learn the skills they need to start their career. I want them to leave with an experience that they will remember, whether it is a valuable lesson they learned, a mentor, or a hands-on skill that they can look back on.

Pawandeep Aujla
Mo Mojadedi

Employee Spotlight

Mo Mojadedi

Office Operations Coordinator

On a routine job walk, Mo quickly implemented the Stop Work Authority policy when he stumbled upon a group of contractors using a ladder that was too small for the task at hand. By jumping into action and insisting they procure the properly sized ladder, Mo prevented a potential serious accident or injury.

Anything that is done here has to be done in a safe manner, and all of our company training reinforces this. We want to do business the safe way, not the fastest way.

Mo Mojadedi