Environmental Management

Energy Recovery delivers energy efficiency and operational profitability through reliable and high-performing equipment to build a more sustainable future. We are committed to measuring and managing our climate-related risks and our operational impact on the environment, as well as producing high-quality energy recovery devices and components for our customers. Our goals formalize our commitment to reduce emissions through our products, as well as in our own operations.

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Emissions intensity chart showing a downward trend from 2021 to 2023
An emissions reduction graph showing an upward trend in reduction from 2019 to 2023.


Beyond our topline goals, we are committed to continuous improvement across our operations.

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Managing our waste

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Employee Spotlight

Jason Burson

QHSE Manager

In 2022, our QHSE Manager Jason Burson noticed that we were spending a significant amount on shipping and disposing of alumina powder that couldn’t be reused in our internal reclamation process. After researching recycling methods Jason found Washington Mills, a vendor that could use our alumina powder to manufacture aluminum oxide and offset our disposal costs. Diverting our waste to Washington Mills required implementing significant changes to our alumina disposal process, including a new system to weigh and track the amount of alumina waste we had on hand. 

One year later, we successfully delivered our first shipment to Washington Mills, and as of June 2024, we have shipped over 220,000 pounds of powder that we previously would have disposed of. This partnership creates a more circular process and reduces our waste costs by approximately 35% each year. It has also prompted our internal teams to consider other ways to reduce our waste, including more efficient production processes and expanding the scope of the recycling program.

As part of the HSE team, being able to contribute to our goal to reduce our environmental impact was empowering. This project has highlighted that there are opportunities all around us to make an impact if we are willing to challenge the status quo. I am grateful to work for a company that truly lives out its commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement and fosters a culture where ideas like this can be made a reality.

Jason Burson
Jessica Vaughn

Employee Spotlight

Jessica Vaughn

Director of Supply Management

Jessica is the Director of Supply Management for Energy Recovery, where she is challenging herself and her team to think about how the company can improve sustainability and transparency throughout our supply chain. For example, they are currently evaluating how our product packaging can strike a better balance of keeping products safe during shipping, while minimizing the carbon footprint. This includes reducing the amount of plastic material for packaging and finding lighter-weight solutions to limit pollution from freight and transportation.

Jessica received a certification in production and inventory planning, and several members of her team completed a green purchasing and sustainability training course in 2023.

Energy Recovery really differs from other companies because sustainability is prioritized from the top down. Some companies ‘talk the talk,’ and good ideas and solutions simply die on the vine. At Energy Recovery, there’s a lot of buy-in for change and we thoughtfully implement policies that matter. I believe our supply management team brings a lot of value, innovation, and creativity to the table.

Jessica Vaughn