Animation of pressure exchanger rotor in energy recovery devices

How the PX G1300 Works

The PX G1300 is a simple, single component that recycles the pressure energy within CO2 refrigeration applications to offer free compression and expansion. Originally invented for the desalination industry over 30 years ago, pressure exchangers have become the gold standard for energy efficiency in that field and this innovative technology has now been successfully adapted for CO2 refrigeration.

Preparing for summer

Strategies for Heatwave-Resilient Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration

With the latest innovations in CO2 refrigeration, there are now simple, commercially available solutions to mitigate warm weather inefficiency. Read this article on ESM to learn more.

Keeping Things Cool When It’s Hot

Learn about technologies that can help safeguard your refrigeration system as temperatures continue to climb in this article from Progressive Grocer.