Social Investment

Building partnerships for a more sustainable future

Just as our company is dedicated to delivering efficient and sustainable products to our customers, we are committed to supporting the communities where our employees live and work with that same spirit. Our aim is to lead by example and empower our partners who share this purpose.

We have launched several social investment initiatives including an employee donation match program and partnerships with non-profit organizations that align with our core values and serve on the front lines of our local and global communities.

Disaster Relief

Meals on Wheels, Global Giving, and logos

COVID-19 and catastrophic wildfires are two examples of our commitment to supporting communities in crisis.

In California and Texas, we donated urgently needed face masks from our local manufacturing facilities to essential workers in hospitals. We also supported local Meals on Wheels programs to keep vulnerable seniors safe and nourished amid the global health crisis. In addition, we partnered with GlobalGiving to support COVID-19 relief efforts around the world. Funds generated help send doctors, nurses and other frontline responders to communities in need, provide masks, ventilators and other life-saving supplies to hospitals and clinics, and deliver essential items to under-served families and seniors in quarantined cities and refugee camps.

Wildfires have grown exponentially in terms of number and intensity and continue to cause unprecedented damage to the state of California. We support direct wildfire relief efforts through various charitable organizations that provide immediate and long-term emergency assistance to families and individuals impacted by this crisis.

Partners with Purpose

At Energy Recovery, world-class engineering know-how allows us to build solutions that improve industrial sustainability and enable more affordable access to critical resources including clean water. That is why we partner with non-profit organizations that focus on two primary areas: education and safe access to water.

Education is a key part of the innovative spirit that drives Energy Recovery forward, and we believe that helping close the digital divide creates better access to educational resources. We are proud to support the mission of EveryoneOn in connecting low-income families to affordable internet service, computers, and delivering digital skills training.

Clean water is crucial for frequent hand washing and sanitary practices needed to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, and is extremely scarce in many at-risk communities. Energy Recovery supports the efforts of in making water and sanitation safe, accessible, and cost-effective for communities worldwide.

Employees Take Action

Energy Recovery employees recognize the importance of positively engaging in their local communities and actively volunteer their time, talent and expertise to various initiatives.

R&D engineers volunteered their expertise to support Livermore Instruments’ ‘Retro Vent 19’ ventilator project, a design-focused initiative aimed at meeting the global demand for ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video call with powerpoint presentation

IT specialist Brendan Pope volunteers with Dames Do Care, a motorcycle group delivering personal protective equipment donations to first responders and vulnerable populations.

Dames Do Care logo

Eric Kadaj, Senior Director of Business & Applications Development, alongside his son, used his 3D printer to print necessary PPE for nurses and doctors working on the front lines in his community. “My son sparked the idea and I was proud to work with him on something that would make a big impact for our healthcare workers.”

3d printer printing surgical mask accessories

A team of employees and their families volunteered to deliver Thanksgiving meals to those in need throughout the Bay Area, California and the Greater Houston area, Texas. In California, 180 meals were delivered, over 5 days, to two shelters housing women and children. In Texas, 53 meals were delivered directly to individual families in the community.

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Local Community Efforts

Our energy recovery devices operate in desalination plants all over the world, helping to provide drinkable water to people in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. But our products are also at work right down the road from our headquarters in San Leandro, CA. We are proud to contribute to the production of clean water for thousands of households in our own community.

Saving Energy with Turbochargers. 56.5 years of combined service with 0 maintenance. 1 in 5 households served by ACWD rely on desalination. 8 million gallons of water produced per day. Thats over 12 olympic-sized swimming pools!

Four Turbochargers have been in service at the Alameda County Water District’s desalination plant in Newark, CA, which treats groundwater that has mixed with saltwater from the San Francisco Bay.

Brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) is not as energy-intensive as some other desalination processes, however, an energy recovery device such as our Turbochargers can still reduce ACWD’s energy consumption and costs, helping to bring affordable drinking water to thousands of San Francisco Bay Area households.